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A Little About Us

Like most Towing and Recovery Company’s in the United States, Arens is a family owned business, which has grown from one light duty tow truck and humble beginnings to multi-vehicle fleet of medium and heavy-duty wreckers and recovery equipment. After 30 years, we have proved that if nothing else, we have staying power, along with towing power. Family values and the generosity that abounds in the Texas culture have taught us to appreciate our customers; moreover, we have learned how to maintain standards of towing excellence and customer satisfaction.


No business can survive without striving to provide a better standard of service, and Greg adopted “Excellence” as an early business philosophy. As our customer base expanded, so did the items that we tow or recover. Recovery technology also developed as hydraulic rams and booms, along with hydraulic winches replaced mechanical “A” frames and clutch activated mechanical winches. Load spreading nylon and carbon fiber slings often replaced high pressure, point of contact ropes and cables, and low-pressure air cushions have revolutionized the recovery of aluminum trailers and their cargo. Compressed air, gravity, and engineering science provide even fluid motion when up righting overturned tractor-trailers, preventing additional damage.


Greg like most towing company owners got into the business by accident or necessity. Newly wed, he needed to provide for his family, although a certified auto mechanic working for Marshall’s in Hempstead, Greg looked for additional ways to better himself and make more money. Marshall offered Greg additional after hours work driving the company light-duty wrecker. Greg liked the extra money, the satisfaction of helping people and the freedom driving a wrecker gave him. He was hooked!


Soon thereafter, Greg convinced his wife Ranelle that their future lie in leasing a Gas Station and owing their own wrecker. Greg read everything he could about towing and recovery and soon was a regular at the institutions offering advanced courses in Towing and Recovery. Not only did Greg and Ranelle grow their business, they added a son, Shannon to the family unit, who grew to follow Greg’s example and entered the family business.


Both Greg and Shannon Arens hold the highest certification offered by the Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) and WreckMaster International. As a father and son team they are unbeatable in wrecking technology and vehicle recovery, and both are certified Haz-Mat specialists.


As their business and the industry grew, Greg and Ranelle became active members of the Texas Towing and Storage Association (TTSA) www.ttsa.org and assisted over the years to draft State Legislation along with other association members, helping regulate and protect the Texas towing industry from others with vested financial interests. Greg served for several years as President of the TTSA, and today remains an elected officer of the Association and holds the position of Parliamentarian.

Greg along with other officers of the TTSA helped author (Hill) and Sponsor (Carona) draft the legislation that became Texas House Bill 2094, better known as the 2007 Texas Towing Law. It is hoped this new law will steer the Towing and Storage Facility industry for years to come laying the groundwork for improved public awareness and cooperation with other Incident Management Professionals..



Daz’s Gone By


 Greg and Ranelle Arens began their towing business in 1978 with a one ton Chevy based out of an Exxon Service Station in Brookshire, Texas.  As a licensed mechanic, Greg serviced vehicles, ran the pumps and drove truck while Ranelle continued to work at a local bank.  Time passed and hard work revealed an opportunity for Greg to move to a larger Service Station location on Interstate 10, west of Houston.  Along with moving to a new Service Station, Greg bought his first heavy-duty tow truck and it wasn't long before Greg's interest in heavy-duty towing became an all-consuming passion.


In the meantime, Ranelle quit her banking job and stepped bravely into the unknown world of managing the Service Station and keeping the family finances in check. Using the knowledge she had gained in the banking world it wasn't long before Ranelle decided that the profitability of the service station would put them in the poor house. Armed with this information, Greg and Ranelle decided to focus their attention on growing the towing and recovery portion of the business.

Seizing the opportunity, Greg read everything he could find on recovery techniques and attended every industry training class, it was not long before he had passed every written test and hands-on examination the industry could offer, becoming one of the most qualified and knowledgeable owner/operators in the towing and recovery industry.


The business flourished and the family grew with the addition of Shannon who like all young boys dreamed of one day playing with his dad's big toys.  “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” (Friedrich Nietzsche) and like most families, the Arens have had their share of troubled times and adversity. Family fortitude, and belief in themselves brought them through the tragic loss of Shannon’s leg in a mowing accident. Shannon recovered and learned to walk and play like any other growing child and today proudly wears his prosthetic leg for all to see when wearing shorts in the hot Texas Summers.

Greg and Ranelle looked to the future and continued to expand their business, acquiring additional heavy-duty towing trucks, airbags   flatbed trailers and other recovery equipment.  In the meantime, wishing to emulate his father's knowledge and qualifications within the industry, Shannon studied at the Texas Technical College in Waco first becoming a diesel mechanic and then certified in emergency response and the handling of hazardous and toxic materials.


After completing his College education, Shannon returned to the family business as its operations manager. Shannon quickly followed in Greg’s footsteps by studying heavy-duty towing and recovery methodology.

Like his father Greg, Shannon now holds the highest certification available in the industry for towing and recovery of heavy vehicles and the removal, transportation storage and disposal of hazardous materials.

Greg and Ranelle live on 27 acres in rural Monaville, Texas, south west of Hempstead and the Texas A&M Prairie View Campus. Shannon has recently moved to nearby Brenham after the company bought another towing business in that town.

Arens Services focus their towing and recovery business on 100-mile sections of Interstate 10 (Houston to San Antonio) and Texas Hwy. 290 (Houston to Austin) and operate State licensed VSF impound lots in Monaville, Sealy, Katy, and Brenham.




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